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Day 12 – Santa’s Motorcycle Madness

As with all holiday traditions and weddings, something must go wrong. I scheduled a time with a friend to take some pictures of me riding around town on my motorcycle as Santa. I gathered all of the necessary equipment for this adventures, my helmet, warm long johns, a bunch of coats and then my Santa gear. I had to walk to my motorcycle, as Santa, sans the beard, wig and hat. Lakeview at this time of day is a hopping place to be and again, the walk as Santa was my favorite part of my day. There were several There were several construction workers who were just as pleased as punch that I was walking down their sidewalk.

Long story short, after walking several blocks, the motorcycle wouldn’t start. I tried to keep my cool, as I’m sure watching a puffy-girl-Santa swearing at a motorcycle would be a little bit disturbing for a child. I tried everything I could, which basically entails me sitting on my motorcycle thinking looking pissed off and pretending to touch things on the engine as if my magic touch will start the beast up. Now that I’m in a Grinch of a mood you will just get the aftermath of my dressing up today. Here are the wonderful pictures of badass motorcycle riding Santa, indoors and with no motorcycle in sight.

As a reminder, THIS FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! at Halsted’s Bar and Grill I will be making my public debut. Come drink, be merry, sit on my lap and get your pictures taken by my fabulous mistress elf helper (Shhhh. Don’t tell Mrs. Claus). Tell me what you want for Christmas, tell me if you’ve been bad or good. I’ve pretty much decided that everyone has been naughty, but I’d like to hear your defense.

Also, in the spirit of this small setback, my favorite quote from Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation.
“We’re gonna have the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tapdanced with Danny fucking Kaye.”