Day 16 – Santa Sutton Does Santacon

First off, today is the day! Halsted’s Bar and Grill, 10pm – 12pm. I’ll be there taking photos with folks, hitting on you inappropriately, probably telling you that you’ve been naughty and asking if you want to see my candy cane. I’m just saying. I’m hoping that no one spills their drinks on me tonight because that sure will make my family Christmas a whole different kind of memory for the children. It would probably be a little bit more closely related to a mall santa reeking of booze.

I’ve been following some photos and blogs regarding the New York City Santacon. Well, I have found plenty of great information on how to hit on the ladies as Santa Claus. I will NOT post that until after all of my Santa gigs are finished, I mean, I can’t give away ALL of our trade secrets. I didn’t really let anyone know that I was going to be at Santacon, because I couldn’t let anyone know that I was using the sleigh for the weekend. But here are a few photos of me in the Big Apple.

This is totally random but I thought I should address it.  I’ve been getting a lot of hatemail about my mad photoshop skillz. I just thought you should check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Yes, I do have mad photoshop skillz, but please, don’t be too jealous, I can teach you one day if you so desire my massive amounts of talent.


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