Day 13 – Christmas Memories

I had to run a lot of errands today and every person that helped me promptly got a “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” It was fun to see how taken off guard people were by my holiday cheer. I suppose it’s still early but giving me the ‘bitch-you-crazy’ look is just uncalled for. I’m never sure when it is too early for me to spread my seasonal joy, but I think that we are officially in the Christmas cheer phase.

For me Christmas time was always marked by the annual hanging of the outdoor lights right after Thanksgiving. This was a lovely tradition that my father and I shared. And by ‘lovely’ I mean ‘a complete nightmare.’ This might have been a tradition that my brother joined in on but I don’t have any memory of him being there. Maybe I’m a little foggy due to the multiple electrocutions. Let’s call these ‘electrocutions,’ ‘Happy Holiday Zaps.’ Getting Happy Holiday Zaps seemed to be part of the tradition every year. My dad and I would lay out every strand and inspect every bulb and every socket. As the strands got older my dad would patch one old light strand to another, or would cut out a bad socket. Our strands were always green and black, the black being electric tape. I would go to change a bulb in one of these Franken-light-strands and get a nice little Happy Holiday Zap. When I would get Holiday Zapped I inevitably would get all whiny and my dad would say, ‘It’s just a little stinger.’ So yeah, for me, Christmas time starts right after Thanksgiving out on the front lawn getting Happy Holiday Zaps, aka electrocuted. Ahhhh memories *le sigh*.

Another part of my family’s holiday tradition is… you guessed it, SANTA CLAUS. I always dress up on Christmas Eve and surprise all the kids with boats loads of presents. It started when Matthew, Joe, and Taylor were young, but now they are in Middle School and know it’s me. So now I am THE crazy Aunt. Below are some photos from Christmas Eve 2008.

While I’m typing this I am “researching” the perfect Christmas by watching “Christmas Vacation” and I realized that… THERE IS NO VACATION. I’ve been fooled all this damn time. I feel lied to. I suppose I’ll move on the second Clark takes out the chainsaw and says “Fixed the newel post.” LOVE that line.

I’ve also been working on a few Christmas presents and portfolio pieces so below is the start to an illustration I’m working on. If you take away the lines in Photoshop doesn’t that look cool? It’s supposed to be jazzy Santa. Thoughts?


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