Day 10 – Santa and Simeone’s Seasonal Soiree

Yesterday was my first paying Santa gig! It went so so well! I was a surprise guest at the fabulous Simeone Deary Desin Group’s Christmas party. My lovely friend Julie is an interior designer there and she knew her company would get a kick out of dirty Santa. There were maybe 20 extremely beautiful people seated at a long dinner table (hiya ladies ;)). We all just kinda hung out, I did a little bit where I passed out Christmas pencils, christmas tree toys, santa straws and I said something dirty about each of the toys. Then for the remainder of my hour I just kinda hung out and took photos with everyone in the photobooth, I’m not going to lie, I could have been dirtier. But I think that everyone just kinda loved having a girly man santa. I definitely got the belly down but I am pretty scrawny under that big coat.

After the gig I walked two blocks south to the school I attend, Chicago Portfolio School, to go spread a little holiday cheer. That two block walk was my favorite part of the whole day. People actually crossed the street to give me a hug. Three big manly Texan ranchers could not have been more happy to see me, every single one of them and their wives gave me HUGE hugs. I actually gave a meter maid a hug and told her that if it were any other time of the year I would walk as far away from here as possible and I was sorry about that. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to walk down the street and every person that you walk past smiles and waves, or actually talks to you.

Well below is a little snippet of my day as Santa. The prep only takes about 20 minutes but man do I look like a different person. Well, HO HO HO and Happy Saturday!


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