Day 9 – Santa Learned Photoshop

Today’s the day. My first hour long gig. Downtown. In front of people. People that are not my family members. I don’t have much to say about Santa today because I’ve already spent my morning doing a few trial runs. But then I got distracted by my wig and Photo Booth. I realized that I could technically play both the Mr and Mrs. Claus parts. I mean, how awesome would that be? Mrs. Claus comes out, gets the crowd riled up (clearly I’d be a sexy Mrs. Claus) and then I leave for 10 minutes and come back as Santa Claus, big fat perverted Santa Claus. So fun. I just doubled my rates.

Ok, wait, my Mrs. Claus is kinda creepy too.

After my post last night I looked up a few youtube videos on how to wear a wig (Have you watched any ‘cosplay’ videos? Man that stuff is weird… this coming from a drag king lesbian perverted Santa Claus). I learned that you can buy thigh-high pantyhose to use as a wig cap. THEN I learned that you can see what you look like bald with a little pantyhose and photoshop. I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like bald, I think that this quells my curiosity. I can move on now, and probably never sleep again.

Tomorrow I will recap the gig. Wish me luck.

Also, here’s a bonus video from Photo Booth. Man that thing is addicting.


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