Day 1 – Santa Studies

I began my Santa Studies today with more thorough look at the movie Elf. I learned many things from Buddy’s friend Santa. Here is a list of things I wrote down after rewatching the movie.

  • Santa seems to be of Scandinavian descent, you can tell by his interior decorating.
  • This Santa is bald on top with wiry grey hair, hmm… curious. I’m more of a “full head of luxurious white fluffy hair” Santa.
  • Will Ferrel is really tall.
  • Padding reference. Santa is larger, but not obese.

I can’t give away all of the trade secrets, but here’s a photo of me studying.
Elf - Rewatching for the 300th time.


One thought on “Day 1 – Santa Studies

  1. Lee TD says:

    I have never in my life followed a blog, but man am I going to follow this one!

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